Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Strengthed, Inspired -

The past two years have really been instructive and expanding. I wanted to share with you a few thoughts.

First of all that God is GREAT. He alone is GREAT. The trials that I have weathered by His strength & help, show me ever so clearly that He is so merciful & full of lovingkindness & is an ever present help. He has strengthened my soul and my being through the fire and then He also mercifully has attended to my release and healing. I don't think we share with others enough when God answers our prayers or when He does great works in our lives. So, I wanted you to know that He is full of justice and attends to our every need, not just the big things, but is so attentive to even the smallest most tender and personal aspects of our lives too.

Secondly, my art will be taking on a new direction, as God leads me to take on a new direction. I will be drawing on the strength and lessons that He has given to me, and pouring it into my paintings even more than ever. So many subtle things has He shown me, and I hope to adequately portray those things with power and inspiration in the years to come in my pieces. For example, the concept of God is my covering... I am really looking forward to sharing with you what I have felt in experiencing this first hand, and thereby have my art hopefully declare the wondrous works of God as a light and a comfort and hope to all those who view it.

I am excited about this inspiration and help, and can't wait to share it with you.

Coming soon... :)

All the best,