Thursday, November 8, 2007

I paint from a slightly awkward perspective on things... a little off the beaten path...
a lot into the essence of what my subjects
are really all about.
Paint a picture... we've all seen it before.
Paint a a feeling, a thought, an intention...
we expand
we add light insight
we see.

Paintings by Eleni

I hope you enjoy my artwork! It is my outlet and my passion.
Modern? Emotive? Abstract? Different? Well, it is all of that
I suppose, but more than that, Eleni Originals get to the root,
behind the story, behind the paint and color, you'll find something
that is unique to you that really just speaks to you.
You can order an Eleni Original that has already been created by
browsing the paintings at
or you can have Eleni paint something custom created just for you.
Paintings are currently available for purchase and there are more
coming to life all the time!
I hope you enjoy~