Friday, March 13, 2009

am i a statue or just bored?

so here i am wondering WHAT am i doing/?? maybe i should just do a Blog entry and figure it out. eh? pondering the value of dragging my paintings hither and thither (yon?) yaWN... and making FABulous displays so that people... PEOple can STRIDE through my display looking like they are inspecting for water damage on the ceiling.
the artists life.
this is my 2nd show in as many weeks. I'm getting my name out there, i'm stressing about if i'm good enough or if i "know" what i'm doing enough. Now I realize all that doesn't even matter. it doesn't EVen matter. I have an Impressive display, a LARGE body of work and it's different. that's what no formal training gets you that i never want to loose... originality. So, I suppose it's worth it.
so i have a new website now... check it out! great job, Kelli ( and i have new cards...very swanky... good job (go Paige & Jared), and i'm enthuzed about my recent work. in love actually with Terra II. Fierce.
so, i'm thinking i may blog now and then, but not too personal... cause that's just not me...
check it later~
ps... yes, i KNOW i don't punctuate and capitalize "correctly" that's ON Purpose, for the sake of conversational style.

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WEE-HOO said...

neither a statue or bored...

You are you and that's all that matters! I guess we both have to remind ourselves...